Five Questions for Jody Glenham, One of This Year’s Vancouver Jazz Festival Performers

This past Tuesday I was given the opportunity to interview Jody Glenham via phone. She had just finished sound check for a show in Calgary, her first show for her Canadian tour. We had limited time for our interview so I shot out 5 questions for Ms. here they are!

Callander Girl: Was music something that you were around a lot growing up? Was it something you were put into quite young?
Jody Glenham: When I was 5 years old I started taking piano lessons, growing up in Winnipeg kids have to do something or they will get bored and get into trouble! So I played music growing up but I also did a lot sports and took drama and vocal jazz in school. I ended up moving to Edmonton and going to music school for three years. I learned a lot about jazz improv, music lingo and theory. But I learned so much just hanging out with other musicians, talking about music, drinking beer at the local pub.

Last year you were on the Georgia Straight’s best in Vancouver list. Is there any bands, including yourself, that you would like to see on it this year?
I would love to see Brasstronaut, Bend Sinister, Red Cedar, and Sun Wizard. Sun Wizard is one of my favourite bands right now! So good! Last year I had no idea that I had been nominated and I guess one of the writer’s at Georgia Straight got to choose 2 artists who they thought had a good year. It was really awesome to be on a list that included great artists and bands like Mother Mother.


You’re currently touring, you are actually playing your first show tonight in Calgary for this tour. In tours past how have the crowds differed from city to city?
It’s actually not the city that makes the difference its more venue specific and artist specific. When I was touring with Matthew Barber the crowds were so attentive. Every city was the same on that tour. I have found that it really depends on who’s on the bill and not really what city you are in.

You moved from Winnipeg to Edmonton and then to Vancouver, what prompted your move to this city?
I was antsy and even though I crave routine as soon as I have it I need to change it. Edmonton was never a permanent thing and after 7 years I thought it was time to move on. It really came down to moving to Toronto or Vancouver and it just so happened that I had a friend who lived in Vancouver who was looking for a roommate. The rent was affordable so I decided to give Vancouver a shot.

The Vancouver Jazz festival is coming up at the end of this month, is this your first time playing the festival.
Yes, and its not going to be a regular Jody Glenham set either. I’ve been matched up with 2 other musicians to do an Improv Trio set. It’s going to be nerve wrecking but fun. I did a lot of Improv in school but I’ll be tested as it’s been a while. That’s going to take place on July 2nd and I have another performance that’s not apart of the Jazz festival which is at Little Mountain Studios on July 13th. Should be lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing you all when I get back!

Thanks Jody for the interview and good luck with the rest of your tour!

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