About Callander Girl

My intense love for music started on the day I was evicted from my Mother’s Uterus. She and my Daddio were constantly playing the records of Little Richard, The Animals, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Bo Diddley, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Screaming Jay Hawkins etc. Some of my earliest memories are of my Dad (avid drummer and Buddy Guy enthusiast) playing the drums in our basement while my sisters and I would do some frantically wild interpretive drumming dances. I also remember when I was in pre-school instead of singing nursery rhymes like the other children I preferred to belt out songs like “Tutti Frutti” to the embarrassment and amusement of my Mother and one of pride for my Dad!

I was a child of the 80s so when I wasn’t creating dance routines to Wham, Madonna, Whitney Houston or Debbie Gibson I would most likely be singing Tiffany songs. And I would usually be doing this to an imaginary crowd in my backyard while standing on top of our family picnic table with the end of skipping rope as my microphone. When I was around 12 my older sister Lindsay’s musical tastes started to have an influence on me and soon I became a Depeche Mode fanatic, with my tween love obsession being Dave Gahan. My peers were listening to a lot New Kids on the Block, who I hated and constantly ridiculed but knew all the words to their songs thanks to my younger sisters. I still love DM to this day but I have gotten over the fact that I will never be Mrs. Gahan… (still stings though :P)

My teenage years started when grunge was in full force and I had the pleasure of seeing some great bands while moshing, dodging bodies and getting boot prints on my face. My first CD that I ever bought was Alice In Chains Dirt with Tool’s Undertow and Porno for Pyros debut soon to follow. I had a deep appreciation for men who wore make up and/or women’s clothing. I listened to a lot of Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth and Jane’s Addiction. I also loved 90’s Hip Hop. I thought of myself as part of the Riot Grrl movement (as much as a pissed off teenage girl from Whitby Ontario could be) and listened constantly to bands such as Hole, Babes In Toyland, and L7… The Runaways, Brody Dalle and Bikini Kill came later..In my bedroom I always had music playing, cigarettes being smoked (when I smoked and everyone smoked indoors) and tears for my latest music hero causality.

My 20s are kind of a blur..maybe starting them off going to Raves didn’t help. My love for heavier music got enormous during this time… I loved Deftones, Faith No More, and Korn etc. In 2005 I graduated from the Entertainment Administration Program in Oshawa, Ontario and quickly cut my teeth as an Intern at Maple Music Recordings in Toronto. After moving to Vancouver in 2007, I began working with Independent Vancouver Music Productions in creating VanMusic, a music and arts blog. VM creates exposure for artists and works with local venues in promoting the Vancouver music scene.

In 2010 I became the bassist for the band Joyce Collingwood and I went on to have some fine, fucked up and incredibly fun experiences with them as well as playing and touring with other bands bands such as, Jakalope and Wet Stilettos.I was told a few years back that my bedroom resembled a teenage boy’s which alarmed me as I’m now a women in my 30s. I thought maybe it was time to grow up so I took the posters down but my love and excitement for music remains.

To this day music still soothes my pain, fills my soul, and induces tears when nothing else will.

I’ve grown to love all kinds of music but the stuff that revs me up and turns me on is raw and honest music– at times soft and introspective, other times explosive and volatile.

And I’m not ashamed to admit, a great pop song (even if cheesy) is still a great song.

I like to surround myself with creative people, those who follow their passions, who take refuge in the arts. I love people who aren’t afraid to express themselves, who allow themselves to rage, who let their creative pursuits do the speaking and the healing for them.

These are the people I’m excited to feature in Callander Girl–film makers, writers, fashion designers, artists, animal lovers and of course… musicians.


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