Alt-Country Songstress Shiloh Lindsey

Alt-Country Songstress Shiloh Lindsey

Shiloh Lindsey’s songs are raw, personal and a testimonial of her defeats and disappointments, but also her victories and achievements. When an artist writes about personal experiences, ones of joy and of sorrow, it can really cut through to the listener. When I relate to a piece of art it makes me feel less alone in my pain and in ways cathartic. It can make even the biggest heartbreaks survivable.

I recently caught up with Shiloh, who just returned from her Lil’ Alberta Tour with the band The Moanin’ After and asked her some questions…

How old were you when you first picked up a guitar? And do you remember what kind it was and who is belonged to?

I was 14. I got a job at a diner to pay for my first guitar. I bought a Series A electric with a Peavey amp from a music store in Prince George. It was red. I played it for a while then it sat in my closet and I didn’t touch another guitar until one of my older brothers, Darren, gave me his Samick acoustic and I started playing and writing. That guitar went everywhere with me.

For readers who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound in five words?

Vulnerable, heartfelt, alt-country, crafty, songstress.

Is anyone else in your family a musician? Did you grow up in a musical family?

One of my Grandpas played the fiddle, the other the banjo, my Great Uncles played, and my Grandma on my Mom’s side played organ I’m pretty sure. Two of my older brothers played, but they got to working and let the music part slide. I have a song they wrote when they were quite young on tape still. When we all get drunk together, the two of them and my sister and I start singing it. Pretty cute. Also, a handful of my cousins play. The music gene skipped a generation apparently.

What would be your dream venue to play? One that you haven’t played in yet.

I never thought about my dream venue if you can believe it. Maybe Austin City Limits or something.

If you could perform a duet with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

Kevin Bacon. Apparently Bacon goes good with everything, so why not right?

Who are you listening to these days?

Shovels & Rope, Phosphorescent, Ryan Adams, Emmylou Harris always.

What are five things you can’t live without?

My cats Bear and Xander, my guitar, jeans, vegetables.

What is some advice that someone has given you that you now live by? If so, what is it?

One of my brothers said always play from your heart, none of the other shit matters. Not the industry, not what other artists are doing, not what other people think of you, or what they say you should, or shouldn’t be doing, none of it.

Hidden talent unrelated to music that you care to share with us.

I make a pretty mean potato salad.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

Metal probably.

Favourite songs to sing when your sad, happy, or pissed off?

Pissed off: Ramones I Wanna be Sedated or Suburban home by the Descendents. Sad: Mexico by Shovels & Rope. Happy: Hmm that’s a tough one. I do get Entrance of the Gladiators stuck in my head a lot. I don’t know what that shit is about.

Ten years from now you’ll be…

Sitting in the studio of my earthship somewhere nestled in the mountains writing, recording and drinking home-brew.

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