Bloodied But Unbowed Panelists

I saw Susanne Tabata’s documentary Bloodied But Unbowed back in November of last year at a screening that was held at the SFU downtown campus. I had been wanting to see this film for quite some time as it explores Vancouver’s explosive punk rock scene that started in the late 70’s and ended in the early 80’s. I was blown away at the films in your face and high energy approach of showing an incredibly important music history piece. After watching the great Bloodied But Unbowed the audience was given the extra special opportunity to be apart of a Q and A with panelist that included artists that had been featured in the film. The panelists were Brian Goble (a.k.a. “Wimpy-Roy”) of the Subhumans, Jade Blade of the Dishrags, Jimmy Cummins (I, Braineater), Nick Jones of the Pointed Sticks and Tunnel Canary’s Nathan Holiday. Bev Davis was also in the audience which was an extra treat for us all. Unfortunately my friend Wes’ IPhone ran out of battery before the end of the panel discussion but we did get a solid 47 minutes and 41 seconds worth of footage to show you. It’s a bit dark and you will have to turn up the volume, but in spite of this it really is some great stuff. Enjoy.


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