Exclusive Interview with Deny Your Maker

Deny Your Maker started as almost all bands do… in a damp dark cave of a basement. The bands roots began when Kurt (The Icepick) Maas (Lead Vocals & Guitar) met up with Ian (Shredder) Buchanan (Lead Guitar) back in the summer of 2008. They started developing their style over the summer with Bassist (Kevin Miller) and Drummers (Dave Hodges & Jon Fink).

Their first album was never released…

Soon after that Kurt moved to the West Coast to pursue his career in Audio Engineering, and Ian, as a faithful band mate, moved with him. “The two of us drove my shitty Cavalier across the country with nothing but a backpack each, and a car stuffed to the tits with guitars and amps, I even had to drive the whole way because of a drinking incident days before which left Ian with a sprained ankle” said Kurt. “It was a pretty crazy journey, we did it old school, and took our time, it was awesome, and expensive, and only drove the wrong way for an hour once” Unfortunately the rest of the band couldn’t make the trip.

Once on the coast they eventually found Warwick (Tombstone) Edwards, the student protege of Mike Michalkow, “…and the best drummer I’ve ever played with to date.” says Kurt. “We got really lucky with him, he’s young and ready to go!!” Then Warwick found Adam (Fingers) Elechko, former Bass Player from pop/rock band Shift Kit. “Adam was well seasoned and fit right in with the rest of us almost immediately, he’s just a great guy and a super talented bassist, he loves his Dream Theatre, which is a good sign for any bass player.”

Callander Girl:Has your music evolved since you first began playing music together? And if it has… how so?
Kurt: Over the years as I’ve developed my skills as an engineer and Producer, it has had an obvious affect on our music. My views on music in general have broadened a lot these last few years, so naturally it’s been affecting my writing. The songs have gotten Louder, Heavier, and yet there is more space in the music than usual and I’ve brought in some great synth sounds. I ‘ve also started to broaden my horizons as a vocalist and actually sing as opposed to screaming all the time in some of the newer material.

We are working on a song with Dizzy from Goodbye Beatdown right now that sounds something like Cyprus Hill on steroids… we’ve even done a metal cover of Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, simply because it’s fun to do, which you can find on You Tube. It’s probably not what you are expecting. Hahaha. So yeah, we’ve been diversifying you could say.


What can you tell me about your instruments? Are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever’s available?
Kurt: Instruments eh? We do prefer our own stuff, but any good musician can make any instrument sound good. Well we all love our own gear, it’s why no musician owns a decent car right?? We have a pretty decent lineup of gear, thanks to years of not prioritizing properly, hehehe.

I use an American Jackson all through, with all original Jackson parts and a Floyd Rose, along side my Boss GT-8 and Marshall Modefour, I’ve managed to get a pretty thick tone out of her.

Shredder normally uses his Dime Slime Razorback, but also has a Schecter and a custom axe he made himself that is pretty evil looking, it’s got a Bigsby in it and it even has scalloped frets where there should be no scallops!! Coupled with his Eddie Van Halen 5150 III amp head, and Boss GT-10 effects pedal, its a pretty wild lead sound.

Adam sports the Ampeg SVT as many great bassists do, as well as a series of 4, 5 and 6 string basses. He’s pretty loyal to Ibanez and occasionally uses his Warwick (Not the drummer). He prefers DR strings.

Warwick plays a Yamaha Beechwood Custom Absolute drum kit with a Joey Jordison signature snare. He prefers a wide variety of Sabian cymbals and one Zyldjian Oriental China. For his crazy double kicks he taps his power from the Yamaha Dragon double kick pedal. Vic firth sticks are is sawdust makers of choice!

If you could cover any song, with the original artist, who would be the artist and what would be the song?
Kurt: For me and Shredder this is a no brainer… Pantera, we’d probably differ on the song but either of us would give our left nut to play with Dime. R.I.P. We do a pretty good cover of Domination so I guess that would be a good start.

What are your favorite venue to play in Vancouver?
Kurt: We have a show at the Media club on Feb 2nd (We go on at 10) which is actually our first gig on the west coast. But the long term goal is the Commodore, that place is just amazing.

Where would you like to see Deny Your Maker in five years. Your ultimate goals for the band.
Kurt: I want to be on the road supporting our 2nd album by that point, and touring with other great bands. We have a lot to do in the next 5 years from releasing our 1st album to touring, to finding a good label that can help us get moving and more…

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