Exclusive Interview with Morrismore Productions

Exclusive Interview with Morrismore Productions

Last year I was invited to a fashion show called Doll Parts: Porcelain Treasures of a Grim Collector at the Night Club Celebrities. The name of the show alone had me intrigued but once my friend promised me that the clothes would be sinful and scandalous I obviously had to go.

Once I arrived I saw them, The Dolls. On both sides of the club balconies waiting for the show to start, some perched charmingly and others dwelled demonically while inquisitive eyes stared upon them from below, mine included. These models were unlike any I had seen before. I knew then that this would not like any other fashion show I had ever attended.

Once the show started it was clear that this would be a very theatrical and musical event, as there was a story playing out that surrounded the dark flirtatious clothing/costumes and the “alternative” models of all shapes and sizes, some with tattoos and others without..but all known as the Porcelain Treasures.

I wanted to know who was behind this playful dreamlike event. After some research I discovered that Aaron and Kat Morris a husband and wife team owned the company Morrismore Productions and had started the ONLY alternative modeling agency in western Canada. Aaron and Kat were kind enough to sit down with me for an interview and revealed what is behind their distinctly different and very relevant modelling agency/production company.

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