I’m So Down with The Get Down

Sunday May 23rd, the night of the CD release party for the Get Down and I’m running late. My friend Evil Patrick and I hop on his scooter and arrive at the Railway Club, with mascara running down my face and Evil always the gentlemen helping me wipe it off, we head in just before the Get Down hit the stage.

The place is very busy, and it’s pretty obvious that the Get Down’s audience has increased in numbers since the last time I’d seen them. This of course doesn’t surprise me as they are one of favourite acts, I knew the rest of Vancouver would catch on soon enough.

Mark, James, Erick and Tyson are the force that is The Get Down, a band that incorporates diversity in their music be it folk, metal, reggae and blues. They played their set of all originals to the high energy and somewhat sweaty crowd (myself included). Everyone was on their feet, dancing away from the first song right down to the very last. I really loved hearing songs from their new album “Are you Down?” and the special guests kicked ass. Anand Greenwell, saxophonist from 11 Hour Orchestra and singer/songwriter Chelsea D.E Johnson brought their extraordinary talents to the Get Down stage. Its definitely safe to say that the always captivating the Get Down can put another great show under their belts. Exhausted from all the dancing, sweating, fun and alcohol Evil Patrick and I left the Railway club on his scooter and sailed home through the streets of Vancouver with eyes watering my mascara once again running down my face. Note to self, should invest in mascara that is waterproof!

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