Interview with Mish Way of White Lung

White Lung is a punk band from Vancouver, BC. They record on Deranged Records.They have put out three 7 inches, Local Garage (Hockey Dad Records), Magazines and Atlanta (Deranged). They also have released an LP called “It’s the Evil” (Deranged).

Callander Girl: Can you give us a brief history of how White Lung came to be? How you all met and started the band.
White Lung started off about five years ago but when Kenny joined in 2009 we became a real band. I don’t know what that says about the world… you need a 20-year-old boy to make a band real? That’s depressing. I am, of course, kidding.

Your currently on tour, how has that been for you? Any favourite places or shows that you have played?
Yes, I’m sitting in Calgary about 12 hours and two shows away from home. Our van broke down today. Of course it makes it all over the USA and then decides to kick it one province away from home. We’ve been on tour for two months doing a square of the continent. But favorite shows… NYC and LA are always great, Long Beach especially. Our show in Charlotte, North Carolina was my favorite because we played with a band called Brain F that I really love. Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Oakland, Gainsville, Ann Arbour, Chicago, SF. It all kind of bleeds together now. This was an interesting tour.

What’s been the music soundtrack for your tour? What have you all been listening to while spending time in the van?
Our stereo’s very quiet and half-broken so when we are driving we all have to listen to music privately. I’ve been listening to a lot of Royal Trux, Kurt Vile and Roky Erickson.

Favorite summer song and why? And if you have a story behind it please do tell!
I don’t think I have had a “summer song” since I was in grade 11. What I like to listen to usually gets more and more embarrassing depending on alcohol intake more so than the seasons.

Besides this tour what else does White Lung have in store for us this summer?
We’ve going to go home, take showers, sleep in our beds and then take a break from one another for a week. We play a few shows in Vancouver (July 30th at Waldorf with Iceage, Cult of Youth and Nu Sensae) then we’re heading down to Montana at the end of August for Total Fest. When we get home, we’re taking time off to work on a new album. And we all need to work and make some money. My goal is to go home and get a new job. Do you know anyone who’s hiring? I work in print magazines and online media. Seriously. (Insert smiley, non-threatening emoticon face.)

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