Interview with RC Guns of Wett Stilettos

RC Guns is the lead singer of Vancouver punk rock band Wett Stilettos. She is a threat onstage, with a growl that commands attention. Guitarist Pinto is the writing force behind Wett Stilettos and together they share a disdain for boredom, hypocrisy, and the establishment. RC’s story is both bold and brave in the face of the cliche that is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Saying fuck you to the harsh, relentless, seediness that is drug and alcohol addiction while still being the Rock Goddess she is. Enjoy!

Zig WS 5CG: When did you know that you wanted to sing in a band? What artist(s) helped ignite your desire to perform? And who are your favourite vocalists?

RC: I always knew I wanted to be involved in music, I started putting on shows, getting to know the scene and running venues as the house booker at Pub 340, Roxy Cabaret, and then worked at Greenhouse Studios. It was a great experience to learn from the best in the business. I find that my experience dealing with every type of musician, manager, booking agent, and venue staff has helped me immensely in how I conduct myself as a musician. For the longest time I didn’t even really consider myself a musician because all I did was sing. I never knew I even had a voice until I tried karaoke for the first time. I sang “Strutter”


CG: Can you tell me about the Wett Stilettos, the history of the band and the writing process between you and guitarist Pinto? What’s in the future for the WS?

RC: This band is our heart and soul. It is usually Pinto that has the music before we even consider the lyrics. He’s been the one who believed in me since the start, and he pushes me every day to try new things. He loves to see what my voice can do, and so do I. We have had the pleasure of opening up for Bif Naked (by winning a contest) and GOB with DOA. Along with a bunch of amazing up and coming bands as well. We are planning to finish our second album, and tour as often as possible. Losing members as we went, we just kept it going. Because we love it. Finally, we have a solid line up of my best friends. And it feels incredible to be playing along such talent. Nadja’s drumming is what really keeps me solid through the show. She is unbelievable, as a person, and as a musician. Zig and Nadja as a team? Jesus. They play in a bunch of other bands together. And it is crazy to watch them together. And Pinto, well, what a goddamn dreamboat he is hey? I am more than honored to have been chosen as the lead singer of this band.

Wett Stilettos and friends performing with Bif Naked

CG: Who are you listening to a lot today? Anyone local? Guilty pleasures?

RC: Honestly, I rarely listen to music. I am a Karaoke Host, I have heard enough music to last a lifetime. That’s why I love watching movies in my spare time. And creating music. I also LOVE doing sound. The techniques behind it and what I can do to make you sound good even when it’s shit, or even better when you already sound AMAZING. Working with musicians has been my favorite. I have a ton of favorite musicians. I can’t really name a favorite band, as I will of course leave someone out who will take it personally.

CG: You seem very comfortable on stage and enjoy the theatrics of a stage performance. What do you enjoy when it comes to watching a show? How do you know when the Wett Stilettos has played a great show?

RC: Lemmy said it best… “If you’re going to be a fucking rock star go be one. People don’t want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet. You want to see somebody you’d never meet in ordinary life”.


CG: Are you still doing RC Cherryoke? Tell us more about it and where and when does it take place?

RC: I am!

I have pop up events happen all the time but right now I do..

Every second Wednesdays at the Ivanhoe 9-12 (1038 Main St)

Sundays at Princeton Pub 9-12 (1901 Powell) It gets pretty busy with lots of singers, so get there early!

Zig WSCG: Can you name a few of your favourite Vancouver venues that you enjoy doing sound in?

RC: Rickshaw, Iron Roads, Wise Hall, Pub 340, Falconettis, and the Monsanto March every year. Musicians that come prepared, aren’t divas, and understand how it works are my favorite to work with…

CG: Congrats on your recent sobriety, if you could give advice to anyone that are a self destructive path with drugs and alcohol and are feeling hopeless about their situation what would it be?

RC: Thanks, it’s feeling pretty good. Truth is though, it’s hard. The only thing that has kept me going sometimes is the people around me, as long as I reach out I know that I will be taken care of. I had to realize that I have a drug addiction. I had to come to peace with that. That I was like no one else around me. I can’t just have one drink or one line. The fact is, that I cannot stop once I start. I also had to get a sponsor and start working on me. It sucks some days. But overall, the feeling I get is incomparable to how much I was suffering before. If you think you are an addict, or an alcoholic, and have hit so many bottoms that you don’t ever think you can take another moment then all you need to do is ask for help from a sober addict/alcoholic, and they will show you how they became sober…





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