Jeremy Inkel of Front Line Assembly & Left Spine Down

Jeremy Inkel of Front Line Assembly & Left Spine Down

I first got to know Jeremy Inkel in 2012 when his band Left Spine Down was touring the west coast with electronic pop group Jakalope. I played bass in Jakalope during that tour and it didn’t take long for me to like the fun and entertaining guys from LSD (Jeremy, Kaine, Galen, Matt) along with their wild roadie/sound lady from Las Vegas, Jenn O Cide, and their driver Phil. Jeremy is a keyboard player, programmer, and member of Vancouver’s industrial veterans Front Line Assembly. He is talented and interesting, and I recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his musical projects.

When did you join Front Line Assembly? Were you a fan of the group before becoming a member?

I joined FLA officially when I was 22, I had up to that point done some work on a side project of theirs called Noise Unit (album Voyeur’s). I had also done a remix for Mindless Self Indulgence’s remix album Straight to Video under Noise Unit. I was a fan of the band before, when I was 16 I got into them through a now Ex girlfriend and various friends I had in high school that were into industrial. I also went to their show when I was 18 at New Music West here in Vancouver before Luvafair got shut down for good. I was always really into FLA, loved the energy and the technicality of the programming and quality of the mix and production. Although at that time I would have not said that, I just would have said that I love the music. I was introduced to Chris Peterson and Jason Filipchuck (then members of FLA ) at a bar called the Columbia, it was a Zimmers Hole show. I was about 18 at the time, maybe 17, defiantly underage.

Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly recently did a North American tour with Skinny Puppy, can you tell me some of your favourite moments or highlights from that tour?

Well every night seemed like a special night, but I’d say the biggest highlights for me were, playing Times Square in New York City, its always an honour to play some of those legendary theater’s and New York is a truly an amazing city. Tampa Florida was an epic outdoor show, great crowd. Playing a sold out show in Chicago at the Metro was legendary, the crowd was over the top amazing and what an amazing theater… So many greats have been on that stage. Playing Vancouver at the Commodore for my first time, there was an amazing energy that night and everyone could feel that it was an important show. The crowd was one of the best Vancouver crowds I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing for, it was a five star evening for all. Everyone on that tour had one of the best times ever.

What’s going on with Left Spine Down these days?

In the studio working on a new album, we haven’t played a show since Caution at the Red Room, we’ve been at it for quite some time so its been good to get back to writing, and re-inventing what we want to do for a live show. More to come there so its always good to stay tuned.

When did you first start getting into electronic & industrial music? What are some of the first bands from this genre that you started listening to?

Back when I was 15/16 I started listening to Ministry, NIN, Skinny Puppy, anything local industrial like Download or FLA. I did a major school project on all of the old school industrial sub cultures like the birth of Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Mark Pauline, Cabaret Voltaire, einstürzende neubauten. I listened to all of them and more… I loved going into record shops and seeing what obscure industrial music I could find and take home. I miss that experience these days sometimes.

Left Spine Down

Guilty musical pleasures?

Taylor Swift… Just kidding fuck that bitch… Truthfully I don’t feel guilty for listening to any music. People are often surprised that I listen to tons of hip hop, EDM, POP, hold blues, old 60/70s rock. I don’t listen to ABBA, that’s pretty much the rule…

If you had to quit playing music, what would be your second career choice?

Promoter maybe, but for creative outlet probably visual arts like animation… That’s just a guess…

Who is someone that you haven’t already worked with that you would love to? Sort of like a dream collaboration.

Hmmm. There’s quite a few. I’d love to work with Trentmoller, Bassnectar, Noisia, The Prodigy, Simian Mobile Disco, Deadmau5, Mikky Blanco.

That’s a good list.


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