Kat Burns & The Forest City Lovers Burst onto Toronto’s Music Scene

Kat Burns & The Forest City Lovers Burst onto Toronto's Music Scene

I’m back home in the Whitby/Oshawa area, 45 minutes outside Toronto, visiting friends and family before I head to Connecticut for three weeks to visit my sister. Being here reminds me of the great musicians and bands that grew up in the same town as me. The first band I wanted to share with you is called Forest City Lovers. I’m friends with the lead singer Kat. Kat has come along way from her first show that I attended years back at The Velvet Elvis in Oshawa. I remember being nervous for her but she pulled it off without incident and now she has definitely come into her own with her band Forest City Lovers. Last year when their tour landed them in Vancouver I checked them out. They did not disappoint. Definitely catch them live if they make it back to Vancouver or if you happen to be visiting Toronto.

The release of their 2006 album, The Sun and the Wind. Released independently with the help of some talented friends, it was received with critical acclaim. Chart Magazine called the record “delightfully engaging” while Exclaim proclaimed Burns “enigmatic and subtly inventive”.

Two years and a lot of cross country touring later, Forest City Lovers hunkered down in a Toronto studio with a fistful of new songs. These sessions birthed Haunting Moon Sinking which straddles the line between heartbreakingly beautiful and intimately powerful. Forest City Lovers’ new album explores themes of love and life with lush and poignant orchestration. With many Canadian talents filling out chorused vocals and swelling string arrangements, Haunting Moon Sinking steps into a natural progression from the band’s previous effort.

The band had a very successful 2007/2008 year with highlight performances that include a sold out Halifax Pop Explosion show alongside Joel Plaskett, an at capacity sweat box Pop Montreal show, as well as performing at the Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario, the Sled Island Music Festival in Calgary, Alberta, and grassroots local community festivals such as Ladyfest and Kazoo. Plans are in the works to bring the band to Europe and the US throughout 2009 and to try and make this year even better than the last.

Who Makes up The Forest City Lovers? Kat Burns, Mika Posen, Kyle Donnelly, and Christian Ingelevics.

Check out Forest City Lovers on MySpace here.

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