Let’s Bring the Play BLACKBIRD to the Backspace Stage – Kickstarter

Help bring David Harrower’s daring play Blackbird to the Backspace stage by donating to their Kickstarter page.

Blackbird: Fifteen years ago, when Una was 12 and Ray was 40, they had a sexual relationship. Their lives have been distorted because of it, however it is uncertain whether either of them recognize its profound effects. After serving his sentence, Ray changed his name and began a new life. Una has tracked him down to confront him in his workplace. But what does she want?

Blackbird is a searing, intense, devastating play about difficult subjects- childhood sexual assault and trauma. It’s an incredibly well written and honest exploration of those subjects. The play doesn’t attempt to give us easy answers, but it does put the auidence inside the world of these characters.

The play will be produced by One Story Productions with singer-songwriter, poet, and playwright Rodney DeCroo playing Ray and actor Panthea Vatandoost playing Una. Veteran actor, director and playwright David Bloom will be directing.

The play is set in a staff room in an industrial warehouse, Backspace is the studio of Vancouver based artist Blake Williams located in a warehouse in the industrial area of East Van by Clark Drive. It’s going to be very intimate. The audience will be in the staff room with the actors.

The money raised through this campaign will be used to defray the material costs of producing this show. Members of the ensemble are putting their own resources into this project and will only be paid for their work from box office receipts once material costs have been covered. Your contribution will make this show happen, effectively making you a co-producer.

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