Live at Squamish, Sunday August 21, 2011

Not to start off the review on a complete down note but the truth is that the day started out pretty shitty for myself, Sheng and Jason. We spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon in two different car rental establishments and leaving both places without a rental car. I will spare you the details cause it still gets me pissed thinking about it. But things did start turning around for us when my friend Kurt got wind of our troubles and at the last minute lent me his car so we could drive to the festival. Thank you so much Kurt!

Once we got to the festival we were welcomed very hospitably by the festival organizers (even though we were late :S ) and soon after getting our media passes the three of us were off to explore! After hearing the first day of Live at Squamish (Saturday 20th) was a success I was in full anticipation mode for what lay ahead. First thing I noticed was that there was lots of kids, families mixing in with the party people (some fresh and others seemingly hung over from the Saturday celebrations but still celebrating none the less). The day was beautiful, with mostly blue clear skies, a warm breeze and a radiant sun. Best kind of weather for a festival.

First we headed to the Garibaldi stage in hopes to catch a bit of The Belle Game’s set as I’m a new fan and wanted to see them perform. As luck would have it we just had missed them but they were kind enough to give us an interview 🙂 Check it out below.

Missing Brasstronaut and Bend Sinister was disappointing as well but watching The Zolas and the Dudes made up for it with their high energy and audience pleasing performances. I had never heard of the Dudes (picture right below) before and it was evident that they made quite a few new fans that day.


We took a break from watching the stages and decided to walk around, speaking to concert goers and checking out the vendors (especially the art work!) and we ended up in what is called a Silent Dance Party. When first entering one of these parties you are given a pair of head phones with House music blasting out of them while entering a gathering of head phone wearing dancers, on a grassy dance floor and complete with a hot DJ. It’s a party that no one else can hear unless you have head phones. I never thought a noiseless party could exist and be so much fun.


On our way back to the Garibaldi stage I noticed Brian Bell from Weezer hanging out with a few friends and walking through the crowd. We were first afraid to approach him as all three of us first couldn’t remember his name (which we remembered just in time) and also at one point a topless lady stopped to talk to him and we felt weird interrupting that whole situation. But once she left a couple minutes later we made our way over to Mr.Bell where Jason asked for an interview and he excepted graciously and gave us five minutes of his time. Check it Out below.

Soon after that we continued our way to the stage to watch the remaining three bands play, Black Mountain, Metric and Weezer (the bigger acts were closing the festival). I was genuinely excited to see Black Mountain grace the stage as I have a few albums and had never seen the psychedelic rockers live.


They were quite impressive, everything seemed so precise..not a bad note in the bunch and vocally both Stephen McBean and Amber Webber were excellent.

But the band I was most excited to see was Metric, I’ve had a girl crush on Emily Haines (I mean who hasn’t) for quite some time now and as predicted she and the rest of the band performed awesomely.

It was my first time allowed into the media pit in front of the stage to take pictures and video footage so the experience was very cool to say the least.

Last but not least Weezer took the stage, all the members looking pretty much the same as they did in the 90’s wearing the ever present glasses, the suits and sweaters. They sang most of their hits from that decade as well and a few from the last 10 years and some covers as well (Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” and Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”).


At one point during the show Rivers Cuomo (singer/guitarist) mentioned that Brian from the band was talking to a girl that afternoon who had a Weezer t-shirt on and she had no idea that he was in the band. From our experience earlier I found that comment quite humorous.

The day ended with all three of us driving home from Squamish with big smiles on our faces, music still ringing in our ears, with lots of great footage and memorable experiences. And we again have to thank Kurt for saving the day!

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