Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Tianna Tran

Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Tianna Tran

Thirteen was a big year for me. I had recently discovered tweezers, the other kids were catching up to me in height and after three long years my braces were finally off. It was a time of great joy and celebration. My ugly puberty years were almost over! Thirteen was also the year that I started my love affair with makeup. It all began quite innocently, one day while going through my Mother’s things (in my natural early teen inquisitiveness of course) I discovered her liquid black eyeliner and mascara. Since then I’ve been hooked.


Meeting someone that appreciates the time and dedication it takes to mastering the art of black eyeliner application is always exciting to me (I kid but not really).. When I first met Tianna Tran it was my first day at a new job. Like most people starting out at a new company I was feeling a little nervous and a bit out of place. I will always remember as soon as I met my new co-worker Tianna my nerves were put at ease with her welcoming, bubbly and sweet natured personality.

It makes me feel darn pleased when I hear of good people taking action and following their dreams. When I heard that the lovely Tianna had left the company we had both worked at (I was already long gone) to pursue her passion for makeup I was beyond excited for her. She has already worked with Lululemon and with established local photographers Fahim Kassam, Peter Jensen, Amanda Diaz, and Matthew Chen, Vancouver Fashion Week, and Flare World Runway. Her makeup has graced the magazine pages of Refinery, Revisa Lux, Intrend, Beau Nu, Nior, Sugar Kiss, and Vigure. She also does make up for weddings, engagement, and maternity shoots.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Tianna about what we both love so much—make up!


What do you love most about make up?

I love that you can do just a little and it can make you feel so different. The magic of make up! LOL

When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

When I was a little girl, I went with my mom to her hair class and sat in the makeup fundamental course and fell in love with it. I knew then that a career as a makeup artist was for me.

How long have you been a professional makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

I have been doing make up for fun for a long time but professionally for the last four years. I got into the industry when I first started school. The very first course I took my teacher saw something in me and offered me a job with Estee Lauder. From there everything just opened up for me.


What inspires you to do what you do?

I wanted to be an artist 14 years ago but got pregnant with my first child so I had to sacrifice my dreams and focus on my son and my husband’s restaurant. After I had my second child, I decided that it was my time to pursue my dreams and do what I love. I had already put them aside for my family so I felt I needed something to call my own. I want my children to know that it’s never too late to do what you love and to follow your dreams! They are the ones who inspire me.

Favourite makeup products? The ones you always bring to shoots and shows. 🙂

I love my MAC prep and prime high lighter and my Anastasia contour kit.

What is in your personal makeup bag?

Nothing cause I never wear make up on a regular basis, but if I had to it would be my MAC studio fix and black gel liner.

What element of your job do you most enjoy?

I enjoy everything! I love that I get to do something new every day and meet awesome people. I especially love that I can make women feel beautiful and help give them confidence.

This is a two part question, first what are some common beauty mistakes that you have found that people make? And second what is the most important beauty advice you can give others?


It is how people feel about themselves that makes them look good. There really is no wrong or right when it comes to make up. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I may say that it needs to be a certain way, but if they feel the way they did it makes them feel beautiful then I can’t argue with that.

My beauty advice would be to take care of your skin and prep it well before any special make up occasion so the application will be more flawless. Drink lots of water and never do a facial before the day of.

What has been some of your career highlights so far?

Being one of the main artists for Lululemon and now being a teacher at New Image College teaching the students what I love.


If you could name a celebrity or celebrities that you would love to work with who would they be?

It would be Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Rihanna.

If you could describe Tianna Tran’s signature look, what would it be?

Glam make up. 🙂

Tell me more about the organization A Wish To Wed which you are the Co-Founder for.

A Wish to Wed Society grants terminally Ill patients a wedding wish or vow renewal. We are the first organization to be doing this in Canada. We want to create beautiful memories for the family and their loved ones who are left behind to remember this special day for the rest of their lives. To learn more about us or if you would like to be a sponsor or to donate, you can through our website at

You can view Tianna’s website at


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