Mark Lingelbach of Lambsbreath

I only post about things that I like and/or love. I honestly don’t like spending my time on negative reviews so any content on Callander Girl will be material that I personally enjoy and think is worth paying attention to. After hearing Lambsbreath’s music and eventually meeting Mark Lingelbach (through our mutual friend Gary Taylor) I knew that I wanted to feature him and what he does on my site.

Mark is the melodist and inimitable vocalist behind Vancouver’s Lambsbreath. It seems like his musical imagination seeks out severe but soothing sounds and a spirited progressive creative landscape. When hearing Lambsbreath I feel the song styles are comparable to that of Jeff Buckley and Faith No More, with his wailing lovely with wild abandon. His onstage banter is comical, bemusing his audience with howling laughter which you may find similar humour in this interview. Lambsbreath’s latest effort Man Feelings will be released in June. I love it and maybe you will too.

CG: I’m loving the songs on Man Feelings  but before we get into that we must get the soap and naked question out the way. Who’s idea was it to release the songs on bars of soap with naked selfies of yourself and the rest of the band? You told me that you were going to release it on soap but you failed to mention the naked part!

ML: Ooh hot diggity! Glad you like the new album. Okay, so the idea for the nakie selfies all started with our bass player Pierce sending the one naked photo of himself to the dudes in the Pretty’s and to me. Then the Pretty’s guys all started sending photos of themselves back. So after all these dudes had finished sending sexy selfies to each other I thought to myself, MAN FEELINGS. So I asked the Pretty’s guys if it was cool if I used the idea of the bathroom selfies for our soap release and Cody said it was cool and that is how that happened.

CG: That’s too funny, sending naked selfies to friends is a thing now apparently…hahaha. Tough one. How would you describe your music?

ML: Lambsbreath first started as a post rock/folk outfit that transformed into a prog sound, then for a minute I had a team of guys that were more of a party rock/metal sound but now were more different than ever, utilizing lots of electronic elements which I hope to do even more of. I like to say were a Canadian Massive Attack but that’s more so wishful dreaming than an actual fact. We are a down tempo 3 piece with jazz and psych influences and a pop esc direction.

CG: What’s been the reaction so far to the new release?

ML: Hmm well its not officially released yet, but I sent some tracks to a couple people, Alexis said “Dude I really dug that. It was great.” Good old Gary Taylor loves it and well you said you love it so I think were 3 for 3.

Mark with our friend manager/agent extraordinaire Gary Taylor.

CG: Who is on these recordings? What do you look for in musicians you play with?

ML: Okay Man Feelings album features the skills and talents of the following….

Graham Riech, a lot of electronic production synths, songwriting, vocals. Pierce Kingan, bass and vocals and telling us what notes we are playing and contributing lots to the refinement of songs and well just making us better. Graham and Pierce are in the live band with me and are the official Lambsbreath members. On the recordings it also features, Netty (aka Anthony Heggen) on drums as well as my long time friend Max Huberdeau. Anne Emberline sings on the album, playing piano and singing live with us for a couple shows. Ardeshir Pkmati played sax up and down the album and has played live with us as well. Ethan White was our original bass player and also roommate and friend extraordinaire. He moved to Kelowna after given the rad opportunity to work at a radio station! Two songs off the album were written and recorded in Nashville with a dude named Carey Ott, and we got a kid named Thomas Lohrman on bass on one of those tunes.

What do I look for in musicians? People who are creative and know there instruments, secondly and equally important is personality, band drama is seemingly inevitable.

from left to right: Pierce Kingan, Mark Lingelbach & Graham Riech

CG: Who are your influences and heroes music wise?

ML: First off I’m going to say STING. I don’t even know why I like him so much but I do. I like Sting soo much that I think his solo stuff is better than the police. I would have killed someone to get a ticket to that show he played in Van, I didn’t even see tix go on sale, they sold out so quickly. It was wild.

I loooove Jeff Buckley, Amy Winehouse, Massive Attack, RadioHead and Pink Floyd. I also love Lionel Richie and Phil Collins. This year I really got into an upcoming French/African artist JAIN and an American artist Empress of, Tame Impala’s album was pretty. My roots are pretty metal and punk, I think I saw 50 metal/punk shows before ever seeing a different genre. Metal/Punk bands I love/loved growing up include, Cult of Luna, Isis, Genghis Tron, Baroness, Lagwagon, NOFX and Millencolin, Megadeth and Anthrax…..

Local heroes this year for me are The Pretty’s, James Green band and IMUR and just saw So Loki for the first time. Ninjaspys got a new album out and the last 2 videos they put out were very rad. War Baby and Astrakhan always kills it.

CG: What are the five things you can’t live without?

ML: Sleep, love, music, friends and art.

CG: What is your favorite song to belt out in the car or for karaoke?

ML: Easy like Sunday Morning by the Commodores and anything from the Phil Collins album But Seriously…also Roxanne by The Police, but its hard to hit that pitch in the song..I will keep trying, cause that’s what karaoke’s for.

CG: What does the rest of 2017 look like for you? What do you have coming up?

ML: Well we will be releasing Man Feelings soon along with some music videos! Big thanks to Shaghayegh Haghdoust and Shahrokh Youseffi for making our upcoming videos!! Should start and finish making our next album GRLFLS this year no problem, already well under way as far as song writing goes. Word on the street were gonna have a hero of mine doing the artwork. I really wanna spend this year looking more into the electronic music scene and see where we can fit. I’ve got some great people pointing me in some promising directions.

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