Miss Quincy Releases Video Asking PM Trudeau to Reconsider the Site C Dam

Haunting lyrics and harmonies, rugged northern beauty, a mourning cry for the history and future of their home. ’16 Horses’ reveals Miss Quincy’s heartbreaking personal story of her connection to the Peace River Valley, which is scheduled to be destroyed by the Site C dam.

The Site C dam will flood 107 km of river valley in British Columbia’s Peace region. Treaty 8 First Nations’ traditional territory and class one agricultural land will be destroyed. If construction continues, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is breaking his electoral promises by disregarding the environment and First Nations’ human rights.

My Peace River is a curated multimedia project, created in response to the threat of the Site C dam on the Peace River Valley. The project showcases many different views of the endangered area through art – photos, video, music and performance. My Peace River was created by musician Jody Peck (aka: Miss Quincy) and photographer Jodie Ponto. They grew up on opposite banks of the Peace River and both currently live in Vancouver, BC. Proceeds from My Peace River go to the Treaty 8 First Nations to support their legal battle against the Site C Dam.


“The song ’16 Horses’ is about my connection to home, my roots and who I am. My story is interwoven with the Peace Valley. My family has been in the valley since 1924, First Nations have been in the valley since time immemorial. Our cultures and stories live here, our ancestors are buried here.

I chose to tell my story with this song and video because I couldn’t stand aside and allow my home to be destroyed without making some noise about it. I wrote this song about my connection and history in the Peace Valley, but everyone has their own story that stands to be lost if the Peace Valley is drowned. Prime Minister Trudeau has gone against his electoral promises by approving Site C construction permits. But it’s not too late for him to change his stance and prevent Site C from going ahead. Site C is not a done deal. We can all use our voices to stop the Peace River from being dammed.” -Miss Quincy

TAKE ACTION and join 20 000+ Canadians in signing this petition for PM Trudeau to stop issuing construction permits for the Site C dam.

DONATE to support members of Treaty 8 First Nations as they embark on a historic journey traveling 4,432km from the banks of the Peace River to Montreal to make their voices heard in the Federal Court of Appeal Sept 12, 2016.

LEARN more about the Site C dam and why scientists, politicians, First Nations and farmers are opposed.

’16 Horses’ is part of a collection of songs recorded live on the banks of the Peace River by Miss Quincy & Twin Peaks. Download the album here or purchase from the My Peace River website. All proceeds go to Treaty 8 First Nations to help with the legal fees incurred fighting the Site C dam.

written by: Jody Peck, Jodie Ponto & Jane Hole

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