Proof of Ghosts Exclusive Interview

The last time I was in the Tdot (Toronto) I visited the bar/live music venue The Garrison, not only to see my friend’s great new establishment (two big thumbs up Lee!) but to also see the band Proof Of Ghosts perform. I know Stephen Heyerdahl (P.O.G’s singer/songwriter) from back in the day (90’s/Oshawa) so after a few emails things fell into line perfectly and I was able to see Proof Of Ghosts perform and interview them as well.

So check out the interview of Stephen with his bandmate/fiancé Julia in a small washroom stall (that we squeezed 4 people into) at the Garrison.

Big thanks to Chris Wilson who filmed the interview and also to my nephew Gavin as well.


The ground is dry and there is no rain in sight. The city’s heat is like a blanket and there’s nowhere to go except the malls and the bars. Fuck the malls. For that matter, fuck the bars… Toronto via Oshawa’s Suck My Disc Collective disbanded. AD 2003, the city seemed a little less like home. Cheap pints and shitty jobs painted their dust colours over a dry and lonesome summer. Then the Lights went Out, and on a crowded bar patio by candlelight with the humid haunted black skyline against a still blacker sky we sang, we sang, then we all took off our clothes and we swam, we swam… Do you sing? What is your favorite song? Does it pull sad and sweet on the strings of your soul? Do you feel the vast aching chasm between each of us? We are not alone, we sing our bridges, we sing light into the dark, our distances seem less dire when we sing together, so don’t despair, sing with us and know that we are not alone… Proof of Ghosts is going to take you home down country roads. Proof of Ghosts is pure pop perfection. Proof of Ghosts is going to tear your crying heart from your throat. Proof of Ghosts is going to sing you to sleep and Proof of Ghosts is going to chase the Devil back through the forest and out to sea… Our self titled CD “Proof of Ghosts” is available on WeeWerk records.

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