Pussystock Fundraiser

Pussystock Fundraiser

Friday June 21st
British Ex-Servicemen’s Association
1143 Kingsway, Vancouver

This is a benefit show for my cat Kingston who was hit by a car on May 8th. He is now on the road to recovery but his Mumma (Callander Girl) is now in some serious debt with the vet bill reaching over $3000. I will be doing an acoustic set of covers with my friend Danny Barrufa but I also have some wonderful friends who have donated their time and talent to this show.

Please come out and support a good cause 🙂

Performances by

Danny & Gillian, 9:30 pm
Tanks and Bombs, 10:00 pm
Sons of Daughters, 10:30 pm
The Black Eagles, 11:30 pm

The Black Eagles are possessed rock drummer Tim Huston, hitting hard and hailing from the infamous The Aftertaste. Thorsten Abel, a self-declared band slut, playing bass for a decade or so in Europe’s extensive shoegazer scene during the 90’s before coming to Canada in 2006 to play with Vancouver’s Vampire Bats.

Last but not least the infamous Joseph Blood, a crooner, a guitar man, traveling North American and European roads for years with many fantastic projects, sometimes his own sometimes as the perfect sidekick, but most recently with Bend Sinister and the Vampire Bats.

They are three obsessed musicians playing obsessive music between shitty surf songs, high speed gospel shreds and dark deep ballads.

Sons of Daughters

Despite the contradicting nature of Sons of Daughters previous individual musical endeavors, there was no denying this Vancouver based duo’s instant songwriting chemistry and shared love for gritty, southern, whiskey slinging blues.

SOD is Jimmy Thow, previous front man for Vancouver’s hard rock/metal band “Machines”, and Chrystal Leigh, front woman for Dave Ogilvie’s pop industrial hybrid project “Jakalope”. With hook laden songs such as “Amen”, SOD will take you back to prohibition, midnight trains and dusty trails just in time to drag you to the chapel with their foot stomping trailer trash country anthem “Shotgun Wedding”.

Sons of Daughters are said to be a long awaited soulful and southern ingredient to today’s current pop country scene. They are the Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow” or “True Bloods” Jace Everett, wrapped up in swampy riffs and refreshingly candid vocals. Whether it’s pleading with the hangman or losing yourself in a guilty pleasure like the sweeping ballad “One Minute”, these motorcycle-crazed dreamers have a way of luring you in with their haunting melodies and fireside storytelling. Keep your ears peeled for their debut EP “Beneath the Willows” coming soon…..




Tanks and Bombs

Tanks and Bombs is the result of Montreal singer-songwriters Mille Rosado and Jessica Kaye joining musical forces to make you feel like you’re floating freely through the vastness of outer space. Acoustic duo Mille Rosado and Jessica Kaye are going to make you feel.

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