The Dancing Bear Festival Held in Squamish Was a Success

When I learned that I had been invited to this year’s Dancing Bear Music Festival I was excited not only because I had heard such great things about the festival but because this year’s line up was looking pretty sweet with acts such as Humans, Brasstronaut and Topless Gay Love Tekno Party.

So when the morning of the festival came and I got a text from my friend saying that he felt like he had some crazy flu and that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it to the festival I was still determined to go. He was my ride to Squamish so I called everyone I knew that had a vehicle and who I thought would appreciate going to Dancing Bear. Not finding anyone due the last minute cancellation found my friend’s sick ass feeling a bit guilty so he agreed to go which was bitter-sweet for both of us. But we were both determined to have a good day, disaster diverted for the time being.The Dancing Bear


After enjoying the 45 minute picturesque drive from Vancouver to Squamish, me and my ill looking but somehow upbeat friend arrived at the Bear Dancing Festival just as the band Tough Lovers were to go on stage.


My friend and I sat near the stage surrounded by dancing toddlers and other small children while their parents danced along beside them. I hadn’t been to a festival in so long that had so many kids having just as much or even more fun then the rest of us. Most with their faces painted, were running around and playing with hula hoops. In fact there were people all varying ages enjoying themselves and the music which was really nice to see.

Check out this clip from the Vancouver band Tough Lovers. I had never heard of them before but after that day I think I will be hearing a lot more of them.

The sun was peaking through the clouds sporadically, giving me that little bit more warmth that I needed. It was not by any means a warm day but yet bare footed people wearing shorts, skirts and other summer apparel were all around me. My vampiresque blood temperature does not allow me to wear so little clothing without a scorching sun so I was jealous. But I can say that when the duo Humans started their set the crowds excitement was rather contagious which was blood warming all in itself.

I love Humans! They are one of my new (well new to me) favourite acts, check out below a song from their great set.

After Humans my friend was now turning the same colour green as the beer cups in the beer drinking area so after a brief walk around the vendors (some cool clothing, hair accessories, jewelry) and me eating a delicious samosa we decided it was time to leave. It wasn’t like we wanted to but when your body is telling you to go to your bed you kinda do what it says. For just the short time that I was there I could tell that the festival itself was really well organized and so much fun to be apart of. It was really sad that we had to leave but it also made me that more excited for next years festival. So looking forward to it and actually staying the whole day!

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