The Fabulous Barron S.

The Fabulous Barron S.

I’ve wanted to interview Barron S. for quite some time now and not only because I’m a fan of her music but because I’m a fan of her. She is one of the most positive, dedicated, supportive, determined and enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing.

Not one to sit back and crumble, Barron picked herself up after a life changing car accident. It seems like if there is ever some sort of barrier in her way she breaks it or a steel wall she knocks it into pieces.. and this all with a smile on her face. She brings emotion, empowerment, attitude and integrity to her music and performances. I believe she embodies the essence of a true “star” inside and out.

When did you first know that you wanted to take music seriously and pursue this passion?

Some of my earliest memories are of moments of being infatuated with music, but to be really honest, for a long time I thought singers were born and not made, and I didn’t think I had what it took to be a singer. As I got older I realized that was just a story that I made up & that I could have almost anything I wanted if I was willing to work for it. I was hit in a car accident while studying dance at Simon Fraser University. That experience really brought my attention how short and precious life is and it pushed me to stop wasting my time and to start pursuing my true passion – music.

Artists that are currently on your playlist?

Robin Schulz, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Amine Edge & Dance, and Outkast

Tell me about The MIX and your involvement in it.

The MIX is a music networking community. In terms of my involvement, I am the Director of The MIX. I moved to Vancouver shortly after High School and I started looking for community within the Vancouver music scene, I instead found A WHOLE LOT of contests.

Contests are great for an audience, but internally it was pitting our music community against itself. I saw it stopping artists from sharing their struggles and victories with each other, and overall, I saw it was stopping collaboration and inhibiting connection. I saw an opportunity to create something different, a place where the overall goal is collaboration & looking at what’s possible when we start working together. So I reached out to The Spencer Welch Vocal Studio and together we started building The MIX Community.

Now your officially a DJ, what prompted you to start Djing

I think almost any artist out there will tell you that their artistic expression didn’t start and end with one medium. I began my musical journey by studying dance, then voice, then song-writing. I’ve also worked in nightclubs for years now & DJing has always interested me. As the music I was writing started using more and more synths, pads, and electronic drum kits I became increasingly interested in learning more ways to manipulate these sounds when playing live. It’s funny that it took me so long to dive into DJing… when I look back now it seems like such an obvious and inevitable progression to the work I was already doing.

I loved your What’s Up Video! Any plans on making another video and if so for what song?

YES!!! For sure! Some day I’d love to tear a page out of Beyonce’s book and release music videos for every song we release! I often feel like I can see the music video imagery in my mind while we are writing the song, which makes it hard to not jump into music video creation immediately, but there is a logical order to creation that needs to be in line with our business goals. Each release needs a support system built around it & a music video is just one part of that support system.

One song that comes to mind that I’d like to create a video for, for sure, is a response to Kanye West’s hit single ‘Gold Digger’. His version is great musically, but my female singer/songwriter voice def had something to say in response. So we created this lovely lil track called ‘Hypocrite’… and I have a pretty cheeky music video concept in mind to go with the ideas in this song ; )

Your originally from Halifax, how does the music scene differ from your current home, Vancouver? What are the similarities?

The East Coast has a vibrant music community, but there is definitely more of a Celtic feel within it. Vancouver has more opportunity for artists like me, working within Pop and Electronic Music cause the scene is bigger and there is a greater variety of people to collaborate with. Vancouver also has a bigger population, and in general, bigger populations are usually able to create more opportunity for their communities.

Tell me about your ‘THIS IS IT’ School Show.

‘THIS IS IT’ is a show that is custom designed for High School Students. It’s about demystifying success and finding practical ways to live your dreams. The messages of the show are primarily told through music, dance & the use of interactive visuals projected on a 9 ft x 13 ft screen. We explore the topics of: knowing yourself, short and long term goal setting, and connecting & collaborating with your community. We strive to demystify success, to uplift and encourage people to believe in themselves, and to believe that bringing their dreams to life can be very real and possible.

Favourite show you have ever performed and why?

The first school show we ever performed with ‘THIS IS IT’. It took us almost two years to write the music and create the theme and visuals for this show. It was a lot of work without seeing the impact of our efforts because we weren’t performing any of the show material yet, so we weren’t able to see an audience’s reaction to what we were creating.

The first show we performed was to an audience of Alternate Students and we were warned that since this group of students has extra challenges in their lives that they might not be super attentive. But once the show started, their reaction was INCREDIBLE!!! The audience was SUPER engaged in the show and the students and teachers were all on their feet dancing by the end of the show.

After the performance ended dozens of students flooded to the front of the stage to tell me stories about how they thought they needed to be born a certain way to go after certain dreams, but now they know that’s not true and that it’s just up to them. Their reactions to the show made our two years of prep work seemed like nothing! This is why we worked so hard! And performing and seeing this message make a difference in the students lives made all that work SO WORTH IT : )

Where would you like to play in the future?

Everywhere!!! I really want to travel with my music, so right now the goal for me is more about getting out there and seeing how many people I can reach with my music, over playing in any one particular venue. In fact I even look forward to playing in some weird venues, doing impromptu performances, and looking for ‘outside of the box’ ways to perform and share my music.

What is next for Barron S?

It’s all about connecting with fans! The more ways we can find to reach out and connect with people, the better.

In the New Year we will be launching a remix contest (with some pretty sweet prizing) for my single ‘What’Sup’. I’m currently working on a new album with Producers Dave Ogilvie, Kurt Maas, and Jeremy Inkel and we’re also planning a Spring DJ Tour for 2015.

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