The Unified

Vancouver boys, glowing in the funk and taking it to the people, let the funk surround you, get up and be Unified!

West coast summer vibe is how The Unified became…unified. Groovin’ beach jams, rockin’ house parties, and fly by the seat of your pants improvin’ has brought together the 6 musicians that make up the Unified, and has helped mold their funky/reggae/rootsy sound.

Whether it’s jamming under trees and shooting stars at the beach, or disco balls and bright lights at clubs and party’s, The Unified bring their danceable groove for people to move to. Combining funk, reggae, and rootsy sounds to their jam band format, The Unified are establishing themselves as a live music groovefest, open to tight rhythms, soaring melodies, and extended improvisation. Ready for audience participation and plenty of shakin’ on the dance floor.

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