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Pete Mills’ youth was spent in Vancouver’s disorderly, dirty and unpredictable glam punk rock scene playing in the notable Flash Bastard — a band that thrilled audiences with their chaotic rebellion and outrageous onstage antics. Unfortunately not even a substantial fan base, being signed to Nikki Sixx’s label and immense talent could save the destructive Flash Bastard camp and the band broke up. After the demise the members went their separate ways with Pete eventually moving down to LA to continue his creative pursuits in music. Now with several projects under his belt and a reunion last year of Flash Bastard (with Pete and Donal Finn), it looks the best is yet to come for Mr. Mills.

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CG: What are you currently up to?

PM: I’ve recently finished performing and producing 13 Korean pop tribute albums in one year.

The Flash Bastard> album, entitled WILD, which was released on Metropolis records.

In addition I’ve written with singers and songwriters visiting LA from NYC.

Danielle Parente:

Coco Lloyd:

Jasmine Kara:

Some of these examples are on:

Wrote and recorded the theme song with YouTuber Trisha Paytas for the Japanese app Line Play:

Here’s another song written and recorded for ex-porn star and now YouTuber Channon Rose:

I’ve played a solo festival in Russia and I’m finding time to release a song a year here:

I’ve been blessed to work for Cleopatra records working with Sheryl Crow, Teddy Riley, Tiffany, Thelma Houston, Freda Payne to name a few:

I’ve also worked with Grammy Award winner Robert Margouleff who has worked on the most notable Stevie Wonder albums and Devo’s Freedom Of Choice album:

Lately I’ve been writing a body of work with Tom Anselmi from Copyright and Mirror for singer Django Stewart who used to front the band Nightmare And The Cat but now is going solo. Link TBA at a later date!! Hold tight this stuff is off the chain.

CG: What’s the one thing you’ve accomplished in your music career that you’re most proud of?

PM: Having worked and written with Toni Leigh Forbes. RIP. 

In addition to fronting my own band The Sweet Kill.

In general persevering relentlessly carving out a musical trajectory that I’ve survived from for the past 20 years.

Toni Leigh Forbes and Pete during the Dirty Blonde days

CG: Can you share any crazy tour stories? And/or the craziest thing you’ve ever done on stage.

PM: The best is getting kicked off of the Motley Crue tour when we were signed to Nikki Sixx’s record label. When Flash Bastard hit the stage at Redrocks it was sold out, 10,000 people. Our singer found the jock rock audience offensive and proceeded in his 130-pound glory to pick fights with huge redneck dudes. This isn’t the first time this has happened and as well as my role as co-writer/guitarist in this band I was also the bodyguard/bouncer. So now I’m getting prepped to handle the potential fallout but luckily the rednecks didn’t perceive a threat. However this didn’t stop the spontaneous make out session with our singer and bassist. The lesbian dancers that did our make up and nightly performed with Motley Crue witnessed this declaration of boundless love and were the only ones applauding. At this point we were showered with bottles, cans, fruit but in true show business fashion the show must go on.

All of Motley Crues gear was showered in the rednecks appreciation of our artistic glam punk expression. Later the lesbians let us know that Colorado is the most homophobic state in America and even gay bars won’t stock Coors products in protest. So to take back the night the lesbians urinated into their water guns (which was a regular part of the show) and in our honour squirted the redneck crowd in their glorious pee.

We were told that we had five shows left now in this tour so our singer started to escalate his rebellion and wore a mini skirt in front of a sold out race track in Idaho and then later in Portland attacked the singer of the Scorpions with a pitch fork backstage. This created a riot between the Scorpions road crew and the Motley Crue road crew (which were pretty much our road crew). Now we were definitely let go and we had to forgo playing to our hometown crowd in Vancouver. Which were only two shows away.


CG: Only two shows left! So close! So Pete, what are some of your other hobbies and interests outside of music?

PM: Spiritual attainment through unconditional love and altruism with the physical, mental, emotional appreciation and acknowledgment of oneself and everyone surrounding.

CG: Very cool. What’s your take on current music?

PM: It’s amazing when it’s pushing sonic boundaries and lyrical themes. When it falls into the realm of predictability and familiarity I can’t stand it. Popular music is the mix of the unpredictable with the familiar. That’s what speaks to my unconscious and takes me from point A – Z losing myself in the abyss of that glory within 3 minutes. If the latter has happened to you, you are probably as stoked as I am independent of the artist or social stigmas that go with their manufactured persona.

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CG: Is it as good now as in past decades?

PM: It’s timeless when it taps into the universal arch riding the trigger effect of the world’s rotation of the sun.

CG: What is your favourite decade of music and why?

PM: My favourite decade is the 70s because it gave birth to me and the Rocky Horror Picture Show thus it’s my life’s purpose to create and write something as timeless as that musical.

Pete Mills

CG: You’re stuck on a deserted island and you only have five albums with you. What are they?

PM: Such a tough question Gillian!

NIN The Downward Spiral.

Cure Disintegration.

Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street.

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust.

Iggy Pop Lust For Life.

CG: What band should call it a day and never record any more music?

PM: U2 or Bono, actually I do appreciate the rest of the band as musicians and stylists.

CG: You live in LA. Do you ever miss Vancouver? If so, what do you miss and why?

PM: I do miss the clean air and rain believe it or not as it never rains in LA ever! I just recently started watching the X-Files from season one on Netflix. The motivation isn’t the aliens and FBI conspiracy cover up, but because I remember back in the 90s when the show was so hyped and every street corner at some point was shutdown for filming. This era was the time Flash Bastard was getting nationwide recognition so I was livid having my roots in such a dreary city and the dreams that possessed me didn’t match up to the mediocrity I inhabited. So I quite enjoy seeing the city I eventually left from the city I currently live in and love. I feel a sense of victory when fall asleep ending my LA day watching Mulder and Scully troll the hopeless ambiance of Vancouver. Then I wake up to palm trees and sunshine to a life as a cog in the machine of Hollywood. This reality makes my mother fucking day man.

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LA is treating Pete very are two shots from a modelling shoot.


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