Whitey otherwise known as Nathan White is a London native Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist who sings, programs, plays guitar, keys, bass and drums while experimenting with different genres, styles and techniques.

Whitey has no record label, no press agent, no advertising budget, and his reputation has mostly been made by word-of-mouth, ie. bloggers, radio stations and other forms of online media.

Whitey’s latest release, Lost Summer, was released via Bandcamp in May“after several months of terrible record deal offers, talking to tasteless arrogant A&R’s and knocking on closed doors” (Whitey’s own words).

His career has spanned nearly a decade, his previous albums, 2004’s critically acclaimed The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train and Great Shakes which was leaked onto the internet and consequently never got an official release. Whitey also released the exceptional Canned Laughter in 2010.

If you appreciate an artist who is all about DIY, that produces outstanding and original music you should definitely check out WHITEY.

Interesting fact: Whitey’s song, Stay on the Outside was featured on critically claimed AMC show Breaking Bad.

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