Wisteria EP Release Out on November 30

Wisteria EP Release Out on November 30

Wisteria deconstructs the elements of melodic metal and brings a new flavor to the table. Incorporating the members’ diverse musical backgrounds into the writing style resulted in hints of jazz, thrash, prog, and doom all rolled into one package. A little bit of something for everyone—on the right side of heavy

Formed in November of 2014 by Thrash vocalist Claire ‘Twitchy’ Carreras (Life Against Death, HEDḰS, Joyce Collingwood) the intention for this new project was simply to see how far outside of the comfort zone one could take themselves musically. “The thought going into this new adventure was, ‘What still makes me uncomfortable as an artist and how far out there am I really willing to go. Let’s find out.’” So a craigslist ad was launched into the outer spaces of the internet bringing forth a guitarist names Taylor Keall—a self-described ‘metalhead trained in jazz’, the young player (17) made up the original core of the band. Next to join would be bassist Spencer Trout (Evil Survives, formerly of Wiser Fool) and sludge metal drummer Chris Doyle (Craters). Energetic five string hard funk bassist Chad Watson (The Rising Heat) would later steps in on bass after Spencer relocated out east. And so Wisteria, who take their name from a beautiful poisonous purple vine, was born. A group of complete oddities from the four furthest corners of the musical genrescope letting go of it all to produce a set of seven songs. Of those seven, three of the most diverse were selected for the EP entitled ‘Ison’s Wake’ and symbolize the efforts of this one-time experiment for all of eternity. Recorded at Redlight Recording with sound engineer Michael Simpsonelli, the three tracks will be available via bandcamp on November 30th. Perfect.

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