Women Who Rock: Babes in Toyland and Peaches

Must own: Fontanelle

I love Kat’s loud, venomous, dramatic, powerful vocal range and her aggressive lyrics and like Courtney Love (who was/is her sometimes best friend)she dressed in baby doll/kinderwhore dresses. Kat is currently in a band called Wife Katastrophy.

Lori Barbero is legendary drummer and since Babes has been a record label owner, a band manager and continues to play music.

Maureen Herman is a serious bass goddess who played gut-pounding beats over Kat’s howls and screams.

Some history: before Babes there was Sugar Babylon or Sugar Baby Doll that included Jennifer Finch from L7, Kat from Babes and Courtney Love from Hole. And there was another Kat and Courtney band called Pagan Babies but Courtney was kicked out of that one..In the early days Courtney was once the bassist for Babes but she was kicked out of that too….

Best songs, Handsome Gretal and Bruise Violet (both off Fontanelle), the first song on the album “Bruise Violet” is said to be an attack on Courtney “You see the stars through eyes lit up with lies/You got your stories all twisted up in mine”. Bjelland has denied this saying that Violet was the name of a muse to both her and Courtney.

They’re music has never gotten old to me, I scream along with Kat with as much enthusiasm now as I did 15 years ago.


Peaches name is Merrill Beth Nisker. I love her sexually explicit lyrics, electronic sounds and that she’s a Canadian girl. The way she toys with gender identity is a both interesting, thought provoking and funny. She plays her own instruments for her songs, programs her electronic beats and produces her own albums. I love the fact that she was once an elementary school teacher and a drama teacher!


I’ve seen Peaches three times and each time she has blown me away. She has no fear, she’s an extreme performer and it’s completely inspiring. Her sex related themes some find shocking but I think are down right genius and I always leave wanting more.

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