Women Who Rock: Kim Gordon and Courtney Love

We all know that the amazing Kim Gordon sings, plays guitar and bass in the band Sonic Youth but did you know that she also has a band called Free Kitten? That she’s a producer, for example: Hole’s exceptional debut full length CD Pretty On The Inside.

She is wife to band mate Thurston Moore and Mother to Coco Hayley Gordon Moore.

She’s an established artist and curator.

Deciding there was a need for cool clothes for cool Moms she decided to launch two fashion lines one called X Girl and the other Mirror/Dash.

I recently watched the movie Last days (Gus Van Sants) where Kim plays a record executive to a rock star named Jake, but really it’s a fictionalized bio of Kurt Cobain who was a close friend of hers.

And last month I was watching Gossip Girl and guess who was on it? Sonic Youth!! There was Kim and the gang performing an acoustic version of Starpower during a dance scene.

Kim Gordon …she’s a singer, musician, producer, Mother, wife, actress, artist, fashion designer and all around cool chick. Is there anything she can’t do?


Courtney Love

Courtney was first known as the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist of the band Hole. She later became famous for being the wife of Kurt Cobain and the mother to Frances Bean and even more famous after Kurt killed himself in 1994.

Courtney’s personal drama has mostly overshadowed her music. Loud potty mouthed, name dropping, obnoxious, drug abusing, but somehow still intelligent, attention seeking Courtney is one huge soap opera but Hole (with its rotating members and with its one other constant Eric Erlandson) were a band. And the music was indeed very good. I can say that Hole is my favourite band ever.

Live through this changed my life as a teenager, its was released shortly after Kurt’s suicide and its contents helped me deal with the anger, pain and sorrow I felt during that time. I don’t think I have played an album more than Pretty on the Inside, an album that was released in 1991, before Kurt and before fame..and is arguably their best album. I like Celebrity Skin and even Courtney’s America’s Sweet Heart I believe was underrated. But I absolutely can’t wait for Hole’s (Courtney now the only orginial member left) long awaited new album Nobody’s daughter. Should be a great one…fingers crossed.

I loved her wild ways, smeared lipstick, babydoll dresses and music. Even though Courtney constantly pisses me off I just can’t stop loving her..

My list of Ladies in Rock continues… Next week two more greats.

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